Little elongated men

It was in a forgotten place, in springtime.

A woman in her forties arrived late and very nervous to our first day of Observation. Some years before she had had an accident with a 30-ton tree, 30 metres long, which fell upon the bus stop she was waiting at.

She heard the noise and jumped to hug a beautiful woman in red who had suddenly appeared next her. Where they stood was the only place that the crash of the tree did not flatten the structure to the ground. The woman in red never reappeared. And when our woman was admitted to a hospital to have a resulting leg-wound tended to, she asked the police and her family members to find that mysterious woman, but there were no signs of her whatsoever.

She heard about the seminar: Nature Observation, and came in the hope of finding some sense in all that she had experienced.

At the end of the four days, little elongated men living in the left corner of the small chapel in her village came to show us their large hunchbacks.

Another paradox, big hunchbacks on little elongated men? I checked three times before saying anything and then said: Do you know why the little elongated men accompanying you have such big hunchbacks? It is because they are unable to shine their heart forces. They do not trust that they can, and are longing to receive a blissful gaze, which would relieve their forced posture.

She was shocked. Visibly disturbed, her eyes wet, she said:

"Why are you telling that? What does it mean? You know, for a long time most men in my family have died with hunched backs, and just two months ago my ex-husband whom I cared for also died with one".

Everybody in the group met her there at Nature Observation for the first time, nobody in the group knew her before. We did not know anything about her life or history apart from the episode with the tree, which she had told us about and which indeed was very impressive.

Was it a strange way of guiding her to find an answer to what was going on with her family?